Chinese Drama List

Looking to do something different with your date? How about some Chinese drama? If you’re looking for something different, Chinese drama series are a perfect combination of entertainment, storytelling, and love. The scenery and the plot twists in these love dramas are incredibly breath-taking. This is a nice change up compare to usually what you may watch on Netflix. The best part is that you can also watch these for Free on YouTube. Check out these titles to watch:

1. Princess Silver 

This is by far the best Chinese love drama series. This gets the number one ranking and we have some good reason to back it up. The main characters love are strong and resilient. Without giving away too much you will finding out why it’s called Princess Silver a bit later in the movie. But the battle scenes and strategies in this movie are

2. Listening Snow Tower 

Don’t let the name throw you off. This series is about the rise of power and protecting the love ones while in some place in a mountain with snow as well. The main character is really calculated calm person that predict’s enemy move and is two steps ahead.

3. Legend of the Phoenix 

Legend of the Phoenix has a great depth. Many colourful characters in this series but the doctor stands out the most. He builds this beautiful house far far away for his loved one! But there’s more to it.

4. Princess Wei Young

This one definitely keeps you at the edge of your seats! This one has the most plot twists but definitely falls under best of all time.

5. Dance of the Phoenix 

Dance of the Phoenix reminds of you of those Disney adventure movies but it’s a great one. It has humour and some plot twists along the way.

6. Ashes of Love 

Ashes of Love is a more complicated series but still brings out some great fights, plots, and romance. It has fantasy and magic involved as well.

7. An Oriental Odyssey 

An oriental odyssey is an adventurous series. It involves escaping mysterious caves and searching for some magical beads that the monk wants. You will see what we mean!

8. Diamond Lover 

It sounds like what is but Diamond Lover is really great story about transformation and finding love with a best friend. From friendship to to love this series has it all.

9. Legend of Two Sisters in the Chaos 

This is another Chinese drama with lots of twists and turn. The romance between the main characters is top touch but the father in the story really stands out!

10. The Sleepless Princess 

As the title suggest, this is about a princess who has trouble sleeping as she transforms into something else. Without giving out everything away the romance between the princess and general is deep and meaningful. The series is not that long and will have you feeling good at the end.

11. The Long Ballad

This is another classic Chinese drama that brings out the best in fighting and scenery. They fighting style can be Harry Potter like!

12. Love Poetry 

Love Poetry is another great drama. Romance and some great plot cooking up!

13. Doctor Cutie 

Doctor Cutie just sounds interesting! Check out the full trailer here as it’s another great drama.

That wraps it up for the best series on Chinese love drama. These are great to kick back and relax with your date. If you love this article join our community to meet a potential match.