Best Date Ideas

There’s nothing more boring than coffee dates, you might as well go for a job interview. The script is too familiar and it usually goes no where. Both parties are sitting down and it really boils down to “what do you do?” or “what kind of movies do you like”? That pretty much sums up most dates. It leaves you wondering I didn’t really get to know the person! Coffee dates are slightly better than the movies and dinner. Remember doing those? What a waste of time! Next time you plan a date instead of a boring coffee date try these activity-base dates:

1. Play Tennis and go for Ice Cream After 

Tennis dates are fun and safe way to get know the person. It’s also brings the element of interactivity especially if they can play! You can play tennis and follow that with some ice cream. This is a great idea for summer dates! Check out the full list of tennis courts in Toronto here.

2. Visit a Local Farm 

This is also a good one. Though think might better for second dates. Will leave that up to you decide. If you want to know the list of farms check out our previous post here.

3. Go on a Short Hike 

Going on a short hike is definitely a good idea to try. You at least get to walk for a bit and connect with the other person.

4. Play Frisbee Together 

This can also be an another interactive date that can simple but more fund than a boring coffee date.

5. Go Bike Riding Together 

This one might be challenging to talk while you bike but can definitely be used for later dates.

Do you have creative date idea? Let us know!