Dating Timeline

Dating in the Covid era has been extremely challenging. One framework that can be useful to apply is Dating Timeline. Dating Timeline as the name suggest is a timeline from the moment you first have an interaction with the person. An interaction is when you start texting like say on the dating app. There is a healthy timeline that can help you get matched. There are also times when the timeline is messed up and this can be a total waste of time. Here’s how a healthy dating timeline can look like in a span of few weeks:

First match on the app–>texting on the app (few days)—>planning first date–>First date–>planning second date

physical interaction—–>third date—->And continues

If the above timeline is taking two months for example. Run from that date!┬áThe best rule of thumb is to go on three dates to find out if that person is a match for you or not. The sooner you decided the better. It shouldn’t take you that long to assess chemistry with the other person.

There are times when you need to observe the dating timeline. It’s a great framework to help you navigate dating better. For example, if the person is texting for over weeks and not wanting to meet. For guys especially, you have to ask her out! There’s nothing to lose here. Even if she says no, throw a “So what?” at it. So what if she says no? There are other options out there for you and that was not a match in the first person.

If the dating timeline it doesn’t follow a healthy one you may end up wasting time and resources. In some cases, getting hurt comes with it. Here’s another example: if it’s taking 7 dates in a span of two months and you haven’t had a first kiss or any physical interaction. It’s best to move on. When it comes to dating the date either wants you or they don’t. You have to be upfront about it. It’s like sales!

Time in dating is such a key because over time people lose interest. The best example is like wanting tea. If I want tea now and don’t get it, chances are my interest for “wanting tea” will die out for over time. If you ask few hours later, I already forgotten and probably don’t want tea any more. There’s also an English saying “strike while the iron is hot!”.

The next time you find a match on dating time observe the dating timeline and if it’s not right it’s best to move on fast.