Top Tennis Courts Toronto

Tennis makes a great first date idea! It’s fun and interactive. It’s way better than those boring coffee dates. Tennis is becoming more and more popular in Toronto and elsewhere because it’s a safe sport. Here are the top reason by we recommend you try tennis along with the list of courts:

1. You only need to co-ordinate one schedule.

This is for playing singles of course! Team sports are challenging especially during Covid so tennis really stands out as there’s no hassle in co-ordinating that many schedules. It’s just you and your friend! Single and don’t have a partner? You can request to join our group here.

2. Super enjoyable when you play at a certain level. 

Tennis is a technical sport and if you follow it without instruction can lead to frustration so we recommend starting with the fundamentals and having a private tennis coach. It’s worth the money spent!

3. Tennis is great for bone structure. 

You get vitamin D and you are out in the sun! What could be possibly be better.

4. It’s great for friendship and building up relationship. 

Tennis is a great activity to meet someone new or date! Even if you’re in a relationship it can be that common interest you and your partner may develop so just do it!

5. Download our pdf guide with complete list of Toronto Tennis courts here.

This guide has the list of all the tennis courts in Toronto. Some are public where you can play for Free while others are tennis clubs that require a membership. Summer membership club can range from $60 and up depending on the club and location. Download it here for free. 

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